Parish Religious Education & Sacramental Preparation

The Office for Persons with Disabilities (OPD) collaborates with the Office of Catechetical Formation (OCF) to assist parishes in access and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in parish religious education programs. The staff of OCF and OPD work together to: gather, develop, and share resources to assist DRE/CRE’s and catechists; promote the Religious Education model of inclusion for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia; and provide ongoing educational and professional development for catechists and Directors and Coordinators of Religious Education in the area of inclusion. The OPD also collaborates with the Office for Divine Worship in welcoming persons with disabilities to full participation in the Sacraments. If you have questions about Parish Religious Education or Sacramental Prep for a child with disabilities ask your parish C/DRE.  You can also call or email our office for further support – or call 215-587-3530.   Scroll down for resources at the bottom of the page.

Resources for Inclusive Faith Formation

Faith Formation & Sacramental Prep for Youth with Disabilities: April 27, 2023
Power Point Presentation
 Booklet with Handout Resources for Presentation
Other mentioned resources below.  Links to other resources are within PP
Reconciliation – Parent tips for non-verbal youth
Reconciliation – Priest tips for non-verbal youth
Reconciliation – Helps for non-verbal youth

Encountering All God’s Children in PREP and Catholic Schools: Nov. 18, 2021
Partners in Faith Formation for Youth with Autism and IDD- AM Power Point
We Can Adapt: Methods and Materials that Work – PM Power Point
Handout Booklet with Annotated Resources

We Can Adapt:  Support and Resources for Families with Children with Disabilities Webinar: July 21, 2020
Focus on Virtual and Home Catechesis
Webinar Video
Annotated Resources for Faith Formation Listing

Thirsting for Justice: Religious Education and Children with Disabilities – 2.1.2020 Mid-Atlantic Congress

Thirsting for Justice-Religious Education and Children with Disabilities – Power Point
Videos and Resource Links are embedded in Video
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Athirst is My Soul for God: Prayer and Children with Disabilities – 3.24.20 RECONGRESS

Athirst is my Soul for God: Prayer and Children with Disabilities – PP Part I

Athirst is My Soul for God: Prayer and Children with Disabilities – PP Part II
Videos and Links are embedded in Power Point

Fall Professional Day Fall 2018- PD/Care Association

Power Point – Guidelines Celebration of the Sacraments with People with Disabilities 

Convocation 2018
Missionary Disciples Promoting Belonging Power Point 3.3.18

Handouts from the 3.4.18 Workshop
Revised Guidelines for Celebration of the Sacraments for Persons with Disabilities 2017
Highlights of the Guidelines
Tips for Attending Mass
We Go To MassPicture Schedule
Resources for PREP for Children with Disabilities 
You Belong: Fostering Participation in Worship: 4.28.8

Parish Contact Meeting 2017
Prayer: Assisting Children to Learn & Memorize Prayers Power Point 3.4.17

Handouts from the 3.4.17 Workshop
WS.Prayer.Handouts 3.4.17
Preparing Children with Disabilities to Attend & Participate at Mass Power Point  10.15.16
Widening the Welcome Religoius Education for All – NCCL Power Point  5.24.2016

Webinar on Prayer and Children with Disabilities

NEW APP:  Religious Signs for Families



Maximizing Learning for all Students: Inclusion Practices for Catholic Schools and Parish Religious Education Articles

  1. DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME: Sharing Children’s Books about Disabilities with Your Students
  1. COLLABORATION and Co-Teaching
  1. UNIVERSAL DESIGN for Learning

Each edition of Maximizing Learning for All Students will explore inclusion practices and evidenced based strategies that minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for ALL students. These are from: IHM Apostolic Briefings and Communication Notes:  For the complete ABC NOTES click here.