Donate and Volunteer


PCPD Welcomes Donations to Support the Following:

  • Annual Mass for Persons with Disabilities
  • The Purchase of Disabilities Awareness Materials
  • Interpreting/Deaf Ministry Fund
  • Spiritual Development Fund
  • Lilly’s Gift- Support for Couples experiencing a poor prenatal diagnosis


Spiritual Development Fund:  This fund gives financial aid for an individual to attend, or an organization to provide, retreats, days of prayer and activities that feed the soul and strengthen the spirit.

Click to donate or make payment to the Office for Persons with Disabilities


Volunteer Opportunities:  The department would gratefully appreciate those who wish to volunteer their services in the following areas:




If you would like to volunteer as a children’s caregiver for the February 18, 2023 Bilingual Family Retreat Day event, please e-mail




The Residential Communities of Don Guanella & Divine Providence are always welcoming volunteers!