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30th Anniversary Year of the American with Disabilities Act: Parish Stories

Nate’s Parish: From Inclusion to Belonging

This year, the American with Disabilities Actcelebrates 30 years of thelandmark document which laid the groundwork for physical access in our country. St. Norbert’s is one example of how the ADA has encouraged inclusion and belonging at the parish level. St. Norbert’s church was built in 1984, a time of growing awareness fordisabilities rights inour country, and shortly before the signing of the ADA in 1990. St. Norbert’s is remarkably accessible. There are no steps to get into the church, the doorways are wide and welcoming and the aisles have ample room for wheelchairsand walkers. This is a story about a fine young man named Nate Makowicz, his faith-filled family, and hisparish, St. Norbert’s Church in Paoli, PA.

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