Parish Awareness & Communication Resources

Sample Bulletin /Pulpit Announcements: These announcements can be used the month before the first Sensory Friendly Mass to assist in preparing the parish.

Sensory Friendly Mass Brochure: What Might Expect? This 3-fold brochure can be inserted in the bulletin or placed in pews or the entrances of the Church.

General Bulletin Announcement/Universal Prayer Intentions: Use any time to increase awareness and to assist in creating a culture of acceptance and belonging.

Pew Cards: These pew cards or ones that are similar can help parishioners become comfortable with the Sensory Friendly Mass accommodations. Your parish may want to adapt to your parish culture.

Sample Press Release: Consider sending local media outlets a press release to announce your parish’s Sensory Friendly Mass.

Sample Announcement to use before a Sensory Friendly Mass: Use this or a similar announcement to let the congregation know what to expect.

Sensory Friendly Mass Graphics to download and use: Sample Sheet