Catholic League for Persons with Disabilities

Sensory Friendly Santa Event

The Catholic League for Persons with Disabilities’ primary purpose is to address the pastoral concerns of persons with disabilities through sponsorship of spiritual, liturgical, social and cultural activities regardless of race, creed or degree of disability for persons age 18 or over.  CLPD has six meetings throughout the year and sponsors an annual Communion Mass Luncheon, Day of Recollection and various socials.  For additional information or to become a member, contact: Theresa Breward, President, at or call 215-333-8507.

Courier Newsletter

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Meeting Place:  St. Katherine of Siena Hall  /  9700 Frankford Avenue / Philadelphia, PA 19114

CLPD Officers027
Teresa A. Breward

Vice President:  Vince Rozanski

Recording Secretary:  Patricia Pence

Treasurer:  Barbara Walter

Assistant Treasurer:  Mark Tonelli